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CEO Message

Customers are the reason for the existence of a company, and customer
satisfaction is a prerequisite for its existence.
We will become a business partner JoongAng EMC Co., Ltd. to maximize customer value.

Since its founding in 1993, our company has grown into the best company in the fields of engineering, design, machining, and steel structure manufacturing through steady technological innovation by supplying tools/ materials and equipment to steel companies. We are also taking a new leap forward as a company that has advanced to the next level through the recent entry into the environmental plant field.

As a company that always innovates and challenges
a company that respects people and workplaces
a company that fulfills its responsibilities

for the society, we are doing our best to satisfy customers by providing the highest quality level and the best services.
We would like to thank our customers for trusting in our technology and joining us even in the rapidly changing economic
conditions, and wish you always full of luck and happiness. Thank you.

JoongAng EMC Co., Ltd. CEO